How to enable syntax auto-completion for Kubernetes manifest files in Red Hat's YAML plugin for VSCode

When using a plugin for YAML syntax support for VSCode editor developed by Red Hat, it does not enable the auto-completion feature for Kubernetes manifest files by default. As an auto-completion feature, it offers to use the CTRL + Space shortcut key. But this may not be a good option to choose, as the plugin has automatic syntax completion for Kubernetes manifest files during typing without using a shortcut key.


  1. Install the plugin in VSCode from here.
  2. On the plugin page click on the gear button and select Extension Settings
  3. Scroll down and in YAML: Schemas select Edit in settings.json:
  4. In settings add the following code and save the changes:
     "yaml.schemas": {
         "kubernetes": "*.yaml"
  5. Restart VSCode.
  6. Enjoy auto-completion for Kubernetes manifest files!