Concise commandline monitoring for containers with "ctop"

Concise commandline monitoring for containers with "ctop"


docker ps - output is not convenient to use. ctop - is an advanced replacement for this command, which is simple to use and more informative.

Basic concepts, commands, and options:

  1. ctop - is a free, open-source, cross-platform top like command-line tool used for monitoring Docker containers. It is considered as the best replacement for docker ps command.
  2. It allows monitoring container metrics in real-time. You can get an overview of metrics concerning the CPU, memory, network, IO for multiple containers. It also supports the inspection of the specific container.
  3. Official project repository
  4. To see running and stopped containers run: ctop
  5. You can select container by arrow keys and using Enter key to show the menu:
  6. To view only active container use -a option: ctop -a
  7. To filter output by container name use -f option: ctop -f [container_name]

Advanced usage:

  1. You can use docker image of ctop on remote servers with the following command:
    docker run --rm -ti \
    --name=ctop \
    --volume /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock:ro \
  2. NET RX/TX column in ctop container view shows how much data container sent and received since starting. TX and RX are abbreviations for Transmit and Receive, respectively. Note that these metrics are referenced to the server being monitored; Transmit FROM this server (upload), and Receive TO this server (download). Units are in Bytes (not bits).
  3. Default connector for ctop is Docker daemon. Another option is runC


  1. Awesome Docker
  2. Connectors for ctop